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My Vision for our Future

We live in a world that honors and respects life and where life is treated with dignity. In doing this, we can change our dynamics and grow into people who make a difference. We learn to appreciate and value each other for who we are and for being part this amazing experience we call life.

It takes a lot of courage to speak from my heart because my soul knows my every word.


Let your Imagination come to life ..

Who Am I

I believe the fight against zombies just got creative because they are everywhere.

I am a Singapore born Eurasian of Portuguese descent. Music, music, music from the 80s and their videos, ruled my world. I am a lover of movies. Futuristic, action, thrillers and zombies apocalypse are among my favourites.

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Endorsements for Meant to Be

In the buzz ..

Alisons transformative memoir inspires us to explore, reconnect and stay connected to our soul. Her heartbreaking and heartwarming story shows us how to create the life for ourselves that we truly want. Her poetry, her journal entries and quotes (which I certainly will revisit) are guiding lights for my personal life journey.
Mari L. McCarthy
The Therapeutic Journaling Guru & Singer/Songwriter
International Award-Winning Best-Selling Author of Journaling Power


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